Life is great because…

I have the sweetest little boy.

While the bump continues to grow and is now more visible, you have started to be more cautious not to be too rough around me. Daddy will remind you from time to time to take care of mummy and be more careful not to hurt mummy because your little sibling is growing in mummy’s belly.

Today while we went to the mall to get your hair cut, you had abrasions from the pair of shoes you were wearing. You refused to let me carry you because I am pregnant. You insisted that your foot was not hurting but I could see you limping to our destination. I had to call daddy to come carry you so you would feel better.

You will be turning 4 in less than two weeks, but you are already alot wiser and kinder. You have no idea how proud I am of you.

Having a moment with your sibling

This is you talking to your sibling. Something you do every morning and night. You would tell him/her what you are going to do and how you will teach him/her to do that next time too. We know for sure you are going to be a superb big brother.

Detailed scan in 3 weeks to find out the gender of your sibling!

Count Your Blessings

You may not know this yet, but you are extremely fortunate. You have enough to eat, a cosy home to live in and most importantly, you are loved by so many people.

If I was asked to name a kid I personally know of who has many toys, your name will definitely be the first to pop up in my mind.

playroomNot all your toys are in the photo above, but as you ca see, you practically have your own indoor playground!

All you have to do, is ask for a particular toy and you usually get it. You know that Paw Patrol Lookout Tower in the photo above? Just so you know, it is not sold in Singapore. This Christmas, you also requested for a Paw Patroller, again, not sold in Singapore. A huge part of me feel that you were given so much probably because I did not have a lot of toys growing up. I remember envying kids who have new toys during Christmas. Believe it or not, I got to pick my own Christmas present when I was almost 10. I chose a board game called ‘The Game of Life’ and it was a shared gift between my sister and me. It is not a big deal that I got that little toys, what I am saying is, you are one lucky boy. In fact, you have too many toys that is why we stopped buying unless it is your birthday or Christmas. Mummy hope you will always remember to count your blessings in life.