Paranoid Android

Woke up at 3.32am to look at the time this morning. I tried to feel if there were any movements from dd and realised there was none. Could you be asleep? I started to sneeze because it was cold. After 4 sneezes, i felt some movements. The sense of relief I had – indescribable. I realised I was just being paranoid because you did not move at his routined timing. Recently, sleep has been broken every night about 3-4am because of his movements. Yet this morning it was broken because you did not move. It is like my body has been conditioned to feel your movements at that specific timing.

This pregnancy journey has been totally different from what I experienced with your brother, both physically and mentally. I would say there is alot more stress. Didn’t help that my company decided to downsize and I was affected. On the bright side, I get to spend more time with your big brother before your arrival as well as get to recharge for the long nights with you in future.

I am glad that the detailed scan shows everything is normal which is a big assurance to us. Please continue to grow well my dearest dd.

Friends for Keeps

Dear Isaac,

When you grow up, you will meet alot of people in life. They will come in different phases of your life. What I have learnt, is that most people come and go. Only a handful will be there during your ups and downs. I have heard that most guys meet their best friends in army but I really wouldn’t know since I’ve never been to the army. I hope you learn to choose your friends wisely and be surrounded by wonderful people who loves you.

Now that you are still 4 years young, you hang out with mostly mummy and daddy’s friends. 😂 There are 2 important people in mummy’s life and I hope you will remember them – Uncle Brian and Auntie Jia Xin.

Mummy always feel that these 2 people are really blessings to me. It is strange that the 3 of us are so different yet we became so close and have built a connection so different from the others. As much as they accept me for who I am, they have also extended their love to you. We speak about you daily and we celebrate different occasions together.

Remember your first musical experience The Lion King? I got the tickets from them as my birthday gift and they bought another ticket just for you.

The Lion King

You are also in their thoughts during Christmas.

Christmas 2018

Needless to say, your birthday too. Even though we did not get a photo taken with you this year, I want you to know that they had put in alot of effort as well in making your first pinata just because you said you wanted it.

May you always remember the people who love you and learn to cherish them. One day, i hope you find your own best friends who will love you and your family and vice versa. ❤️

Your Little Kicks and Punches

Dear didimeimei,

Today you turn 20 weeks. You are now a half baked bun! Less than an hour ago, I felt you moving so I placed my hand on my belly. For the very first time, I could feel your kick with my hand. Your big brother was the first person (apart from mummy) to feel your little kick/punch and got really excited. Daddy came to know that we could feel you and he quickly came to the room to introduce himself to you. Do you feel the love already?

In less than 12 hours, we will know your gender for sure. Apart from everyone at home, mummy’s best friends are also eager to know your gender. Honestly though, it doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy. We all just want you to be healthy.

See you soon little one!

Life is great because…

I have the sweetest little boy.

While the bump continues to grow and is now more visible, you have started to be more cautious not to be too rough around me. Daddy will remind you from time to time to take care of mummy and be more careful not to hurt mummy because your little sibling is growing in mummy’s belly.

Today while we went to the mall to get your hair cut, you had abrasions from the pair of shoes you were wearing. You refused to let me carry you because I am pregnant. You insisted that your foot was not hurting but I could see you limping to our destination. I had to call daddy to come carry you so you would feel better.

You will be turning 4 in less than two weeks, but you are already alot wiser and kinder. You have no idea how proud I am of you.

Having a moment with your sibling

This is you talking to your sibling. Something you do every morning and night. You would tell him/her what you are going to do and how you will teach him/her to do that next time too. We know for sure you are going to be a superb big brother.

Detailed scan in 3 weeks to find out the gender of your sibling!

Hello Baby #2

So I have been on a brief hiatus because the energy level has been in the slumps for the past weeks but for a good cause. Finally starting to feel better in terms of energy level and appetite and I hope it goes back to 100% real soon.

Hey baby #2, since we do not know your gender yet, we have been addressing you as didimeimei whenever we speak about you with your big brother. If you would like to know, you are very, very loved. Daddy has been very accommodating with my terrible appetite just so you can grow well. Your big brother was ecstatic to see you for the first time when we went to the gynae. He has been singing and talking to you every day since. He has also started putting aside his toys for you and reminding me to get you your very own special pillow. He can’t wait to teach you so many things!

Please grow healthily and know that we are just as excited to have you in our lives as much as when we had your big brother. We cannot wait to see you again this week. 😀

Love & Religion

If one day, you fall in love with someone who is has a different religion, would it matter to us? The answer is no. It does not matter.

Mummy is from a family of Christians. Although I am a backslider, i still believe in Jesus. Daddy is a free thinker but he sways towards Taoism. That however, did not deter us from being together. I have always believed that God is actually that 1 same God, depicted into many different versions by men. Regardless of who God really is, I also believe that he/she would want us to love everyone. In the New Testament of the bible, it is stated ‘Love One Another, As I Have Loved You’. Religion can bring people to celebrate God – but it can also destroy love (unfortunately for some). But please do not let that happen to you. I strongly believe that if you love one another enough, religion and love can coexist.

Out of respect for each other, we do not have any altars at home. If daddy wants to go to the temple, I do not stop him. I am also sure he will not stop me from going to church. Hence, you will get to pick your own religion when you are older. And when you meet the right one, know that religion should not come between you both.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.
1 Corinthians 13:4-8a (New International Version)

Love boldly my son. ❤