Hello Baby #2

So I have been on a brief hiatus because the energy level has been in the slumps for the past weeks but for a good cause. Finally starting to feel better in terms of energy level and appetite and I hope it goes back to 100% real soon.

Hey baby #2, since we do not know your gender yet, we have been addressing you as didimeimei whenever we speak about you with your big brother. If you would like to know, you are very, very loved. Daddy has been very accommodating with my terrible appetite just so you can grow well. Your big brother was ecstatic to see you for the first time when we went to the gynae. He has been singing and talking to you every day since. He has also started putting aside his toys for you and reminding me to get you your very own special pillow. He can’t wait to teach you so many things!

Please grow healthily and know that we are just as excited to have you in our lives as much as when we had your big brother. We cannot wait to see you again this week. 😀

A Little Sister vs Little Brother – Your Thoughts

Whenever we get on the topic about having a sibling, you’d tell us you will only love your sibling if she was a baby sister. As much as we would like to give you what you hope for, you will learn one day that some things are just beyond our control. Mummy and daddy just want a healthy sibling for you regardless of gender.

When I asked you why you will only love your sister, you will always say the same thing – “mei mei will help me to keep the toys but di di will only make it messy”. I am not sure if this could be because of your encounters in school when you watch other boys, that led you to say this. Possibly so, since you are surrounded by well behaved female cousins in the family, and so are your little friends amongst our group of close friends.

Nonetheless, we are sure you will love your sibling, regardless of gender because you are a very sweet and loving boy in nature. We just want you to know that in future, even when you have a sibling, nothing changes the love we have for you.

Gramps Lim

If there is anyone in the world you should be eternally grateful for (besides your parents), it has got to be these 2 beautiful people.


Grandpa and grandma Lim are your caregivers while dad and I are at work. Rain or shine, they’d pick you up from playgroup and bring you home for dinner. Although a couple of hours at their place everyday may not sound like much, but just think about the amount of effort taken to pick you up, cook for you, shower you, just to make sure that you do not go hungry. If only you are not picky about food and can eat more in school. There is no doubt how much they love you.

They loved you even before you were born. When we went to shop for your cot in preparation for your arrival, gramps Lim insisted on buying your little crib. In their words, “阿公阿嬷买给 baby 的”.

You were born a month early. Daddy and I didn’t have time to buy your daily necessities like diapers and shower stuffs. The moment they heard you were arriving, they bought everything for us just so we don’t have to worry about it.

When you were a few months old, you came down with stomach flu and ended up being hospitalised. Daddy and I stayed over with you just to make sure you knew we were by your side. When we got home after you were discharged, we came home to find the whole house cleaned, sheets changed, toys sanitized. That’s grandma Lim for you. She came by to clean so you wouldn’t fall sick again.

After you started school, someone passed the hfmd to you. There were so many blisters on your arms, legs and insides of your mouth and daddy and I decided to bring you over to gramps place the next morning before going to work. Without hesitation, they suggested that you stayed over at their place until you recovered and we can visit you everyday after work. They said this way, we will not disturb your sleep by carrying you out of bed in the morning to bring you to their place. At the same time, we can get enough rest for work as well. Looking after a kid is not an easy task. Looking after a sick kid who is not sleeping and feeding well is tough on a whole new level. They did not have to shoulder that responsibility, but they did.

When you were about to start potty training, your teacher wrote it in your communication book where parents and teachers update each other about the child’s performance in school. By the time I read her note stating that you were going to be off diapers the next day, and that we have to pack underwear for you, it was already late evening. While I was thinking if I should just inform the teachers the next day about delaying the potty training, grandma Lim showed up at our doorstep with 2 boxes of underwear. It was close to 9pm. It was totally unexpected and heartwarming.

I wish I could list down every single thing they have done for us, but I’m sure you will see it for yourself as you grow up.

I hope that you will learn to be grateful for every little thing that people do for you and love them back. Remember, learn to be grateful my little darling.